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Symban: The Ultimate
Surveillance Network

Symban: The Ultimate Surveillance Network

Redefining global border and coastline protection, Symban not only seamlessly integrates multiple Theia cameras but can also interface with existing systems such as radars, probes, detectors, and more.
Symban offers unparalleled control, target detection, and tracking capabilities.

This capability enhances and reinforces the surveillance and protection setup. Through advanced IP radio and encrypted networks, Symban offers unparalleled control, target detection, and tracking capabilities. Its applications span from sensitive infrastructure protection to search & rescue operations.

a dedicated KEY TECHNOLOGIES team can be mobilized to ensure optimal setup and operation

Additionally, for those who need it, a dedicated KEY TECHNOLOGIES team can be mobilized to ensure optimal setup and operation, making integration with current infrastructure smooth and effective.

With Symban, safety is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee.

Introducing Symban: Your Global Border and Coastline Surveillance Solution

In the realm of border and coastline security, one solution stands out – Symban. As a global leader in surveillance
technology, Symban offers an unparalleled level of control and detection capabilities.
Advanced Connectivity

Symban excels in interconnecting multiple radars and multiple Theia cameras seamlessly through an IP radio network.

Remote Control

Take charge of all equipment remotely with confidence, utilizing an encrypted IP Mesh network and/or the high-speed 5G network.

Precision Targeting

Symban offers precise target detection and range finding, combined with geo-positioning accuracy.

Customizable Target Management

Customize surveillance by placing Theia cameras on user-defined targets and effortlessly track those targets.

Automated Target Tracking

Leverage advanced video image analysis and radar technology for automatic target tracking.

Digital Map IntegratioN

Direct Theia cameras to investigate user-defined positions on a digital map effortlessly.

Empowering Your Security Needs

Theia is more than just a surveillance system; it’s your partner in safety and security. With its cutting-edge technology and versatile applications, Theia empowers you to:
Border Control
Ensure the security of your nation's borders with real-time monitoring and threat detection.
Coastline Surveillance
Safeguard coastal areas with precision and efficiency, protecting against threats on both land and sea.
Irregular Migration Prevention
Combat irregular migration effectively with advanced surveillance and detection.
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Fortify the security of sensitive and critical infrastructure assets.
Event Security
Ensure safety during major events such as the Olympic Games, COP, G7, or G20 summits.
Pipeline Surveillance
Monitor critical pipelines to safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities.
Search & Rescue Operations
Enable swift and effective search and rescue operations on land or at sea.
Combating Illegal Activities
Detect and deter unauthorized fishing, smuggling, and other illegal activities with unparalleled precision.

Experience Unmatched Surveillance

Symban redefines the standard for global surveillance solutions. With advanced connectivity, precise targeting, and a wide range of applications, Symban empowers you to:

Elevate your security posture with comprehensive surveillance capabilities.

Maximize Security

Proactively reduce risks and vulnerabilities with real-time monitoring and automated tracking.

Minimize Risk

Streamline your surveillance operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimize Operations

Safeguard your borders, coastlines, and critical assets with confidence.

Protect Your World


Choose Symban and embrace a new era of surveillance technology.

Experience the future of security, where control and detection converge seamlessly. Welcome to Symban – Your Global Border and Coastline Surveillance Solution.

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