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Covert surveillance

Covert surveillance

Key Technologies team’s 30+ years experience in homeland security appli cations allows us to design and manufactuer all type of covert surveillance solutions.

Our expertise covers from specially designed covert video surveillance vehicles to vans equipped with cellular interception systems.

Key Technologies systems can be locally operated and/or fully remote con trolled through encrypted communication mesh networks.

All our solutions are customized to the user’s needs.

We not only deliver what you need, but we also train you with our experts having an extensive field experience.

Application examples

From locally operated covert surveillance vehicle to interconnected multiple surveillance vehicles.

Discreet surveillance for multiple operational scenarios

Fully customizable surveillance solution
Law Enforcement Investigations
Border Security Applications
Critical infrastructure security
Oilfield Protection
Energy and Utility Facilities
VIP Protection

Experience Unmatched Surveillance

Key Technologies redefines the standard for covert surveillance solutions.

Elevate your security posture with comprehensive surveillance capabilities.

Maximize Security

Proactively reduce risks and vulnerabilities with real-time monitoring and automated tracking.

Minimize Risk

Streamline your surveillance operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimize Operations

Safeguard your borders, coastlines, and critical assets with confidence.

Protect Your World

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KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Leaders in Surveillance and Defense Technologies

At KEY TECHNOLOGIES, our expertise in defense and technology goes beyond development. Bolstered by an experienced team that brings genuine craftsmanship and know-how, we have built a rich heritage spanning over two decades in surveillance systems.


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